Warwick ‘serious’ about natural gas bid

Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton at an announcement in 2018 about the expansion of natural gas in rural Ontario.

Warwick council wants the province to know it’s serious about getting more natural gas lines in the community.

The township was expecting the village of Warwick along Egremont Road and the surrounding farms to be able to access a natural gas pipeline in 2019 after Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton – who was then the infrastructure minister – announced a new program which would bring natural gas to smaller communities. But when the first round of projects was announced, Warwick’s bid wasn’t approved.

When the second round of projects were announced Warwick once again wasn’t on the list.

The province had invested $373 million to support the expansion of pipelines in rural and remote areas, yet Warwick’s project had not been approved.
During the October municipal election, all the candidates said it was one of their top priorities to get the area served.

Monday, Administrator Amanda Gubbels said the province has announced there will be another round of projects coming – but it hasn’t said when people can apply. Town staff had been meeting with Enbridge to work on the local bid to have a gas line installed so it is ready when the bidding opens.

And council is sending a letter to the province to get the process moving.
“We want the province to know we are serious,” said Mayor Todd Case “and we are looking for these funding opportunities.”