Knife held to teen’s throat at Corunna post office


A report from Lambton OPP is revealing for the first time some serious crimes involving teens in the region.

In a report to the Lambton Group Police Services Board, the school resources officer outlines major incidents with young people in late 2022.

In Corunna in November, a 16 year-old girl called police saying a man in all black wearing a ski mask pulled a knife on her at the post office.

Police got a description of the man and found a 15 year-old down the street.
The teen was arrested and police search found a brass knuckle folding knife.
He was charged with assault with a weapon and possession of a dangerous weapon and then released to his mother to appear in court later.

In Forest, a woman called OPP saying her 15 year-old son, who lived with a family friend, threatened to come to the house, smash her car and then go to his father’s home and shoot him in the head.

The school resources officer says the teen was arrested without incident and was released to his grandfather.

The OPP also discussed safety planning with the teen’s parents.

And in December, the report says a teen boy in Brooke-Alvinston was talking with a woman on social media. She convinced him to sending photos of him “flexing his abs and his groin area” while he was clothed.

The teen sent the photos and then discovered that it was a male behind the request. He then started extorting money from the teen.

Police say the teen sent $476 in iTunes gift cards and etransfers before calling police.

The officer, in his report to the police board, says the teen called police to make them aware of the incident.Police were not able to get information about the suspect.