More single family homes in proposed Alvinston subdivision


Brooke-Alvinston residents will get another look at a plan for the first subdivision in the community in decades and it looks a bit different than was first expected.

When Steve and Deb Durham of Norwich requested 12 acres of land in the Broadway/Lisgar area of Alvinston be rezoned, they had planned to build 19 single family homes, 30 semi detached homes and 20 townhouses in the area.

At the time, Lambton planners had concerns, including the entrance to the subdivision would be very close to the neighbours’ homes. Planners said those issues could be resolved as the Durhams submit a plan of subdivision.

Some neighbours were not pleased with the plan. Several, including Susan Upshall, wrote letters. Upshall who lives beside the proposed entrance says the development will “transform a quiet, naturalized pretty spot into a barren, busy thoroughfare – precisely the urbanization and commotion I moved to Alvinston to avoid.”

March 16, the township will have a public meeting for the draft plan of subdivision. The public notice says the development now consists of 32 single family home lots, 14 lots for semi-detached homes and two blocks of land for future multiple attached dwellings.

Mayor Dave Ferguson recently told The Independent he expects the housing will move ahead despite the slowdown in the housing market.

“If you look at the housing need, across Ontario, it’s still needed.,” he says while the higher priced homes may not be built as quickly, more affordable homes are still selling.

It’s not clear when the development might start to take shape but when it does, it will be the first major development since about 20 homes were built in the Broadway Street area.