Second rural credit union robbery prompts OPP warning

Dawson Currie Photo Police on the scene of the April 4 robbery of the Arkona Credit Union. After a second similar robbery in Grey Highlands, OPP are warning rural credit unions to be on the lookout.

The OPP is warning credit unions across Southwestern Ontario to take precautions after two recent robberies in West Region.

OPP West Region Crime Units are investigating two recent credit union robberies in rural locations: the first in in Arkona on April 4 and the most recent in Grey Highlands May 21 which were similar. 

In Arkona, OPP found three masked people went into the bank at 4:50 pm and locked the doors behind them. The trio had a gun which was shown to the employees.

The group fled the building after taking an unknown amount of Canadian money from the vault. Sources say they also took employees cellphones.

Police say the trio fled the building and were last seen going south on Arkona Road.

Police are now giving the following tips employees of financial institutions in rural areas:

  • Do not to touch any objects or surface that the suspect may have come in touched with in order to preserve evidence such as fingerprints, DNA or footwear.
  • Please observe for any suspect identifiers such as, behaviour, odours, clothing brands, or any other identifier.
  • Please advise police of any suspicious persons that seem out of place, both before and after an event.

If a robbery occurs, police say employees and the public should not try to confront, attack or chase the suspects. Instead, police say, cooperate with the suspects and don’t volunteer information unless asked. When it is safe to do so, call 911.