All Brooke Central students will start the new school year in Alvinston

Brooke Central School

School community was split up across Central Lambton after emergency roof repairs were needed

Blake Ellis/Local Journalism Initiative

Students and staff at Brooke Central Public School will be back in their classes in Alvinston when the next school year begins again on Sept. 5.

Lambton Kent District School Board trustees were given the good news at its meeting June 20.

Associate Director Brian McKay said the emergency project will cost $1.3 million, within the budget set aside for the project.

Work on the sections of Brooke Central built in 1960 and 1967 was completed by the end of May. Superintendent Gary Garardi said the school board consulted with staff, the community and the school council to decide on what would be the best time to officially return to the school. While a return in June was an option it was decided to have the last day of school on June 27 with the remaining three days in June used to packing up classrooms and moving materials back to Brooke Central.

“I believe the community will be happy to back in their school,” said Trustee Jane Bryce.

Physical education classes moved outside in June for the senior students who remained at the newer section of the school as the gym was closed for further roof repair. The main office at Brooke Central was also reopened in early June.

There will be the closure of classrooms in the newer section of the school on July 3 to allow for roof work over the summer.

Lambton Kent District School Board moved classes out of the building in November when an engineer’s report revealed the roof in the older sections of the school map collapse if there is a snowfall greater than 12 inches of snow. The school board was preparing for routine summer roof maintenance at the school.

Students have been attended classes at Lambton Central and East Lambton
public schools with students in Grade 6 to 8 remaining at Brooke Central.

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