Warwick may add truck parking on Nauvoo at Confederation


Warwick Township is trying to make the corner of Nauvoo and Confederation safer.

The corner has always been busy however, since a Tim Horton’s was built, there have been visibility problems as transport and gravel trucks park on Nauvoo Line so drivers can get a coffee.

In 2019, council asked staff to start looking at ways to improve the intersection. Recently, an engineer has provided the town drawings which prompted a conversation at council about what could be done to make the intersection safer. Town staff says the proposed design including a barrier curb so that people would not park along the side of the road.

But Mayor Todd Case believes the town may need to allow some parking.

“There are no parking signs up but people continue to park,” he says. Case suggested it would be better to make a couple of designated parking spots which would provide better visibility.

“Could we make room for a parking spot away from the intersection, because people will continue to park?” Staff said it is possible. Councillor Jerry Westgate suggested the coffee shop should be approached to help pay for any extra spots since the spots are “not helping anyone in the community.”

Councillor Wayne Morris added the busy intersection should also have traffic lights saying it might slow traffic.“We definitely need something to slow the transports down. They hit the Presbyterian church and they just floor it…we need something to slow traffic down.”

Town staff will look into the cost of both lights and extra parking.


  1. The town doesn’t need lights, and it’s such a minor issue… Lights would be way more annoying. There’s only really traffic there during morning and evening “rush” for coffee or groceries. 20h/day they’d be a nuisance

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