Dawn-Euphemia thanks volunteers

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Norma Elliott is doing what she thinks everyone else would do in her place.

The 78-year-old Florence area woman was named Dawn-Euphemia’s Senior Volunteer of the Year Monday.

Elliott arrived at the council chambers to find her family packing the hall. She looked startled as Mayor Al Broad told the crowd some of the things she does in the community.n student volunteer

Elliott has canvassed for the Canadian Cancer Society for 40 years, until she had a heart attack and thought it was time to quit. But that didn’t stop her from volunteering with the United Church Women for the last 20 years and with the Order of the Eastern Star nor from taking a few friends to doctors appointments and treating them with a hair appointment and lunch at her daughter’s home.

“I can’t believe I’m worthy of this,” she said accepting the award from Broad. “Thank you that you think I am.

“I think anybody would do what I did,” she told The Independent. “I just offered to take them to their appointments…Who wouldn’t do it. It is something I can do for them and I don’t think it is a big deal.”

Dawn-Euphemia council also recognized the 2015 Youth Volunteer, Austin Salisbury. The Rutherford girl volunteers at helping with the Kindergarten students at Dawn-Euphemia Public School during recess.

“When other students miss a duty she steps in to help,” says Broad. “She’s very contentious in her duties.”