The Centre up and running after three day shutdown


The Oil Heritage District Community Centre will be bright and shiny today after a three-day maintenance shutdown.

Chief Administrative Officer Manny Baron says a number of routine maintenance jobs including work in the change rooms and a complete examination of the pool to make sure it is good working order were completed since Monday.

A plan to relocate the front desk at a cost of $30,000 first proposed at budget time, was scaled back. Baron says the desk will stay in the original spot however a new access will be added for staff.

This won’t be the only work at The Centre.  Plans are still in the works to replace the gymnasium floor at a cost of $80,000 this year. Officials expect that work won’t take very long to complete, perhaps as little as a day.

The Centre received a $135,000 grant from the Alix Foundation for the work which is part of a one million dollar plan to expand The Centre.

This year, Baron says, engineering drawings are being completed to plan for addition which still needs council’s approval. The $85,000 engineering costs are also covered by the Alix Foundation grant. “We like to gather all the information first,” he says “the engineering has been covered by a grant so it is at no cost to the taxpayer…whether the council approves it or not, we’d be foolish not to move ahead.”