Florence, Egan and Kerby get $2.6 million fix



A long awaited fix is coming to one of Petrolia’s most complained about roads this summer.

After more than a decade of complaints and planning, Florence, Kerby and Egan Streets will be repaired in Petrolia. But it will take two years to do it.

During an in-camera session Monday night, town councillors approved a contract with MIG Engineering to be the contractor on the project. Florence, Kerby and Egan are the last streets in Petrolia with water and sewage running together. The project will be divided into two phases, with the first likely starting at the end of June to coincide with the end of school at Queen Elizabeth II School, according to town officials. The total cost of the project is expected to be $2.6 million – about $700,000 less than was first anticipated.

Mayor John McCharles says MIG Engineering examined the sewer system underneath the road and found some of it didn’t need to be replaced. “there was some newer sewer lines there that were replaced a couple of years ago and they’re still in good shape,” he says.

And McCharles and Chief Administrative Officer Manny Baron say both the federal and provincial government have committed to funding the project – the feds kicking in about $628,000 and the province about $613,000 – although official word is likely to come at the end of this month. The town’s portion of the construction – about $1.35 million – will come out of the sewer and water reserves.

If the federal grant doesn’t come in, a report from staff says the town would re-prioritize other projects, perhaps taking the $900,000 set aside for repairing roads to complete the Florence, Kerby, Egan project.

Baron expects the project will go to tender in April and it would take a month to figure out who the contractor would be.

Construction is likely to start after the school year ends but would stretch into the fall.