Embers from campfire likely caused trailer fire in Petrolia


Paul Pastuck thought his campfire had been out for hours when he cleaned out his firepit at Lorne C. Henderson Conservation Area.
But Petrolia North Enniskillen Fire Chief Lawrence Swift says the embers were likely dormant and got the oxygen they needed as they were moved, starting the fire which damaged his trailer. Swift says the interior of the unit suffered smoke damage and part of the exterior had fire damage in Monday’s incident.
Swift says the owner can thank neighbours in the campground for preserving some of the items in the trailer.
They saw the flames and brought out their garden hoses to fight it until the fire department arrived. Swift says that likely bought enough time that the contents of the trailer can be salvaged.
Swift says the insurance company will assess the damage, but he doubts it will be repaired.
He adds it’s a good reminder that embers stay hot longer than most people think and you should use water to fully extinguish a campfire and if you do move them, keep them away from combustible items.