Plympton-Wyoming 126 unit condo development moving ahead


A Plympton-Wyoming development which has been in the planning stages for decades is about to begin.
Town council recently approved a plan by the Allan Corporation to build 126 condominiums, a pool and a clubhouse in Blue Point. The first phase of the development will see 31 units built along with the pool and clubhouse. The rest of the plan will be completed in four other phases.
Mayor Lonny Napper says planning for the development has been “on the go for quite some time” with the original owner of the property suggesting development “prior to amalgamation.”
The property was sold and Allan Corporation continued planning but didn’t act on the plans.
Aside from bringing new tax revenue to the community once the units are constructed, the town stands to gain from the development. Allan Corporation will have to pay about $730,000 in sewage and water hook up fees by the time all 126 units have been completed.
The developer will have to install, at their costs, water mains, sanitary sewers, storm water management systems, natural gas lines and culverts.
Napper is not sure when building will begin on the first phase. It may take some time yet. Aside from getting all the necessary environmental approvals, the company is working with the developers of Huron Crest on an agreement to pay for and use the storm management system it has already constructed. It’s not clear when that will be complete.