Plympton-Wyoming politicians want residents to complain about bump railroad crossings

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Cathy Dobson
The Independent

Plympton-Wyoming politicians are urging area residents to complain directly to CN about the condition of railway crossing in the municipality.
“We’ve complained for 20 years and we hear nothing from CN,” says Councillor Ben Dekker.
“Some of them are treacherous,” agreed Councillor Bob Woolvett.
He personally filed a written complaint to CN about the Camlachie Sideroad crossing and nothing came of it.
“I have people come up to me to complain about them all the time,” said Mayor Lonny Napper.
“We demand CN improvements,” says Councillor Don Nelson. “Improve them or shut them down.”
Councillor Muriel Wright says the crossings on Broadway Street and Camlachie Sideroad are two of the worst in the municipality.
“And there’s a second track on Broadway that hasn’t been used for 20 years. It just adds another bump in the road. They should take it out,” Wright says adding the poor condition of CN crossings has been an issue since she was first elected 22 years ago. “They won’t take our phone calls and they change personnel constantly so you don’t know who to talk to.”
Public works director Adam Sobanski says a letter of complaint will be sent from the town but he best approach is for as many as possible to complain. “As a municipality, we have little ability to make repairs at crossings.
“We have to call CN…the ratepayers should call CN, too. The more people calling, the better.”
The number to call to complain about rough crossings is 1-888-888-5909 or send an email to public inquiries by following the link at CN’s website.