Petrolia councillor doesn’t want to be re-elected

Petrolia Mary Pat Gleeson, seen here during Canada Day celebrations says she won't be campaigning for a seat on council even though her name is on the ballot.

Her name will be on the ballot, but Petrolia Councillor Mary-Pat Gleeson says she doesn’t want the job anymore.
“Although my name will appear on the ballot, I will not be campaigning,” says Gleeson in a statement released Tuesday.
The three-term councillor said she recently came to the realization she wanted to focus her energy in other directions. By that time, it was past the July 27th deadline for candidates to remove their names from the ballot.
“I want to refocus my energy. I was in the middle of doing a lot of catch up reading on papers about health care, etcetera, etcetera and I thought ‘there is so much to do; I need to focus.’ And it took me quite some time to come to that conclusion.”

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