PETROLIA ELECTION: Deighton says transparency in government top issue


Wade Deighton fought town hall and then decided he liked politics enough to join the fray full time.
The 45-year-old  maintenance coordinator at Shell Canada, is running for  councillor in the Petrolia municipal election.
Deighton got his start when he needed to build a fence around his pool in 2017. The town’s bylaw said the fence had to separate the house from the pool. He thought that was ridiculous. So, he went to work to convince the town the bylaw needed to be changed.
By the time council agreed, he learned he enjoyed being in on the political debate.
Now the former Dawn-Euphemia volunteer firefighter and political newcomer wants to bring his experience to town hall.
Why did you decide to run? Deighton says he became interested in politics after trying to build a fence for his pool. He didn’t like the town’s bylaw and began researching it. He was also concerned with the controversy surrounding the town’s former CAO and was part of a citizen’s group questioning the town leaders.
“I enjoyed looking into policies and procedures which needed to be updated.
“With my background in business and construction I can add a different flavour to that and maybe reduce some costs.”
What is the biggest issue in this election?
“Transparency. One hundred per cent transparency. Responsible government. Our constituents vote us in, our constituents also have to be hear through the entire process, not just election day.”
Will you vote to have the Fletcher report on the former CAOs actions? Deighton would consider it but; “regardless of whether you want to release that report or not, the court of law will hear that report” as the former CAO now faces a criminal charge of breach of public trust.
“We wanted satisfaction because we knew there was wrong doing…and they laid charges…that served the justice we were seeking.”