PETROLIA ELECTION: Purdy wants more youth facilities, crosswalks and to revisit composting


Grant Purdy thinks Petrolia needs more amenities for young people and a cross walk downtown. And he wants to consider reopening the compost site.
The 44-year-old paramedic, coach bus driver and umpire is seeking another term as a Petrolia councillor.
Purdy says if he’s re-elected he would like to see the town invest in youth services, such as parks, a splash pad and skateboard parks. And he says a crosswalk with lights is needed at the corner of Petrolia Line and Queen St. near the post office.
What made you decide to run for council? “I really enjoyed my first year. I went through a lot but was also able to accomplish a lot against odds, myself and Ross (O’Hara).” Purdy lists keeping the community engaged in local politics.
What is the big issue in this election? “The main issue I think is integrity, accountability and transparency – it’s one big portfolio which seems to be the over arching theme. People want trust rebuilt at town hall given the things that have happened.
“I would also like to see more youth amenities and…more pedestrian safety, more sidewalks, more crosswalks – those white painted lines are not crosswalks. I want to see a light across the block where the CIBC and the post office is.”
Purdy added he would like council to revisit the composting issue. Council closed the site in 2017 after the Ministry of Environment issued 14 orders to follow environmental regulations.
Will you vote to have the Fletcher report on the former CAO’s actions released? Absolutely. That is one thing that I have been consistent with. I’ve been adamant that it be made public and I haven’t changed my opinion on that at all.
Do you favour moving town hall out of Victoria Hall to allow the theatre to expand? I think it’s a nice to have, I don’t think it is a need to have at this point…I don’t think that it is financially feasible.”