Field says Petrolia’s biggest issue is who will be on council

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Joel Field says the biggest issue in this election is making the right choice for mayor and council.
The 51 year-old two term councillor is seeking a third term in the Oct. 22 election.
Field is one of three incumbent councillors on the ballot meaning at least half of the council will be new. And there will be a new mayor after John McCharles announced his retirement earlier this year.
Do you have any political and community experience?
Field has been a Petrolia Councillor for eight years. He also works with the Parks and Recreation Committee. He’s also volunteered as a civilian with the Army Cadets.
Why are you running for council?
“I just want to continue seeing Petrolia grow. Being involved in community services..I love this town I love the community. I know that sounds like what everybody says but I do. And I want to see it move forward to be a vibrant growing community.”
What is the biggest issue in the election in Petrolia?
“I believe the biggest issue is making the right choice for mayor and council. We could potentially have one of the biggest changes to the council in a number of years and I feel that Petrolia is a good, strong place with strategic asset management and infrastructure and our finances now. With the new leadership in the provincial government talking of change, we need to be strong. We need to be able to work together to step up for these challenges. I really need to push forward. Don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t ignore the issues of our past, we need to learn from them and become stronger.”
So what did you learn from the last four years, where this council faced a lot of people who were angry particularly in the last year?
People want to know stuff, not everything can be released. They put us in a spot to make those calls. I believe the last year has been very challenging. I believe we’ve learned from it and we’re moving forward. If you are elected, would you vote to have the Fleming report on the actions of the former CAO released?
“As a current member of council, it’s inappropriate for me to comment on something that is before the courts.”
Do you think Petrolia Council should revisit the decision to close the compost depot?
“It is a large amount of money to make that compost viable again.”
“I’m open to looking at anything but the recommendations that came forward were to proceed in a different direction and council I believe unanimously voted that way.  I would love to have it open…but I think we need to make sure that those costings are in effect. Some people say a $20 payment is too much, if it is increased costs I don’t want to see people doing that. It is a service that is very valuable to the community.”
Do you favour moving town hall out of Victoria Hall as suggested to council by a consultant?
“It was an option that was mentioned…for me I want to see what the options costs and what the mandatory requirements are under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act come forward before I really would make a decision. But I will say that I’ve always liked town hall and VPP together.”
What issues would you like to see addressed if you’re elected?
“The one key thing would be the health hub planning along with the CEEH plan to be rolled out. I feel strongly that the partnership with the town, Bluewater Health and the (Central Lambton) Family Health Team and even the YMCA is core to a healthy community.
“With that I believe the housing for seniors and family homes will prosper and will lead to overall growth in the town and downtown.”