Former fire chief wants to give back to Plympton-Wyoming in a new way


Mike Vasey says 20 years ago, if you said he would run for council, he would have laughed.
But the 54 year-old heavy equipment operator believes everyone has a responsibility to make their community better.
And he says his experiences, particularly in the fire department could be an asset to the town.
Do you have any political and community experience?
Vasey has never been elected to political office but has served as a firefighter in Petrolia and Wyoming for 27 years, including as chief.
Why are you running for council?
Vasey was initially approached by members of the community. “ I found more and more getting involved with the fire department as chief, I was working directly with council and I found it rather interesting that side of it so when I freed up all my time, I thought I’ll try that side of it.”
He adds his background in sales, and business, the fire department and the training involved in decision making there would make him a “valuable asset.”
What issues would you like to see addressed if you’re elected?
“The biggest thing that is out there is development along the lake. We have to be aware of how fast we grow – we are one of the fastest growing municipalities of Lambton County – and I’m afraid that infrastructure and that type of thing is not going to keep up to the housing demand and we’re going to find ourselves behind the eight ball.”
“If it is not done right…it will be up to the municipality to make the changes”
Do you have any thoughts of for the direction of the fire department- is that something you want to be a part of?
“One of the key areas that I would be an asset in is the fire management piece and to understand all the kinds of issues,” he says including budgets and legal issues. “Also I understand running a volunteer department is totally different than running a full time department…I understand what it takes to get guys out of bed at two in the morning.”
Vasey adds he doesn’t see that it would be difficult working with the fire chief who now oversees the department saying he understands completely the issues he’s facing.
Has that been lacking in Plympton-Wyoming?
As fire chief Vasey found it difficult move past the money issues with councillors because concern was keeping taxes low.