Hundreds across Canada and in Wyoming finish Lori Neville’s ride

An estimated 200 people gathered in Wyoming to honour the memory of Lori Neville, a 34 year-old mother who died while cycling to raise money to fight childhood cancers. Other members of the Great Cycle Challenge Canada rode with the family in Wyoming and over 400 people across Canada completed a memorial ride as well Wednesday night.

Friends of Lori Neville and hundreds of strangers across Canada finished what the Wyoming woman could not.

About 200 people walked and biked down the Reece’s Corner to Wyoming Trail Wednesday night in honour of the 34 year-old who was killed while cycling on Petrolia Line Saturday morning.

Neville was part of the Great Cycle Challenge Canada to raise money for childhood cancer and was completing rides around Lambton County for the cause. She was on a ride for the challenge when she was killed.

Family and friends, including a large contingent from A Village FirePlace where Neville worked, gathered at the Lambton County building Wednesday night, some wearing shirts saying “I Ride for Lori” and travelled the trail in her memory.

The ride was lead by Neville’s wife, Natalie. Before the event took place she was trembling and admitted to being overwhelmed by the support from her community.

The ride in Wyoming was just one of hundreds across Canada.

Mike Bryck, from Toronto who is also part of the challenge, heard about Neville’s death and invited people to finish Lori’s ride on Wednesday night. Over 400 people from 10 provinces and one territory rode 11,099.53 kilometres in her honour.

“Being a part of this effort was inspiring,” wrote Bryck on Facebook after completing his 50 km ride Wednesday. “I want nothing more than for Oliver to always know his Mom mattered and what she did made a difference to so many people.”

People have also being showing support for the Neville family by donating to her Great Cycle Challenge page. Saturday, she had raise just under $1,000. Today, $11,267 has been raised to fight childhood cancers in Neville’s name.