Adult rec hockey players in Lambton warned to watch for COVID-19 symptoms


Lambton Public Health says several people who played in adult rec hockey have tested positive for COVID-19.

Nearly 20 people who play in adult rec hockey leagues have tested positive for COVID-19.

Tuesday, officials asked hockey players to monitor their health for signs of the virus because there had been several cases linked to the pickup leagues.

Often, players will go to different leagues in the county on different days of the week, which could be one of the reason for the spread among hockey players.

Lambton’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Sudit Ranade, said Wednesday its not clear if any COVID-19 protocols put in place at local arenas were broken. He says rec hockey, by its design, is a social outing and like other social events, people let their guards down and get a little too close. That’s when the virus spreads.

Public health officials ask anyone who plays in leagues in Lambton to isolate themselves and get a COVID-19 test if they have any symptoms.

The rec hockey leagues are shutdown now because the province-wide lockdown includes arenas.

In a news release Tuesday, public health is advising adults who played in rec hockey leagues across Lambton in the last two or three weeks to watch for any cold-like symptoms and get tested for COVID-19 if they have the symptoms.

Ranade added if Lambton Public Health contacts you, “be honest and understand that isolating close contacts is critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Early detection through screening, continued social distancing and following public health measures provide control measures that all work together to limit community transmission.”

Recent COVID-19 cases in Lambton County have involved a number of settings including workplaces, evnts, recreational activities and schools.