Virtual New Years’ Levee planned in Petrolia

Winners of the Petrolia Community Foundation Micro Grants at the 2019 Levee

Like most other celebrations, this year’s New Years’ Levee in Petrolia will be going online.

The Petrolia Heritage Committee has been hosting a New Years’ Levee at town hall for the past several years. On Jan. 1, local politicians gather at Victoria Hall and greet members of the community, wishing them a Happy New Year.

It’s in the tradition of the first levee when King Louis XIV welcomed his subjects into his bedchambers at the start of the new year. The first formal Canadian levee was in 1646 and was held by Charles Huault de Montmagny of New France.

Town officials say this year, because of the pandemic restrictions, an in-person gathering won’t be possible.

Instead a video of greetings from the mayor will be released at 1 pm. It will also include the announcements of micro grants from the Petrolia Community Foundation – an event which has been tied to the levee for the past couple of years.

The video will be available on the town’s web page, its YouTube Channel and its Facebook Page.