Flags take to the ice, but 2021 is likely history


Barry Wright/The Independent

The general manager of the Mooretown Flags of the Provincial Junior Hockey League says two teams of 10 players each will be back on the ice this week, but John Baker is under no illusions that the activity will lead to a 2021 season.

“We are well past the point of being able to have a season this year,” he tells The Independent. “We are working to prepare for the 2021-22 season,” he added.
Meantime, GM Dennis Meston says the Petrolia Flyers “are playing it by ear” before deciding if and when they’ll get back on the ice.

If the Flyers decide to skate, they would have to search for a location other than Petrolia as the town took the ice out at Greenwood Recreation Centre in January.

The league has yet to make an official announcement about this season despite it being nearly a year since a game was played in the PJHL.

There is a movement afoot to extend the age for overage players to allow those who will miss this season to suit up for the 2021-22 campaign.

Meantime, the GOJHL has yet to officially cancel its season while OHL Commissioner David Branch says his league continues to work ‘very closely’ with the provincial government to facilitate a shortened season.