Petrolia wants you to think big about downtown


The Independent

The Town of Petrolia wants you to think big about the downtown’s future.
It’s set up an online survey to ask residents and merchants what things would make the downtown core resilient.
Laurissa Ellsworth, director of marketing, arts and communications, says the survey is part of a study being done to figure out a path forward for the downtown.
The survey asks broad questions to get ideas, not hone in on individual issues, Ellsworth says. “Everyone here feels like, we have a strong downtown…. But we want to maintain that strength and remain relevant for many, many years.” That could mean attracting new people to take over existing businesses as people retire or filling in some of the empty storefronts, she says.
“We want them to tell us what they think a resilient downtown looks like and, what they think we have that’s great and what they think we are lacking?”
The survey can be found on the town’s website and social media pages. The results, along with the comments from a public meeting held virtually, March 30, will be the basis of the consultant’s recommendations to council.