Students won’t go back to school until September

Premier Doug Ford, seen here in Feb. 2021, announcing restrictions to curb COVID-19 then, is expected to announce more restrictions this morning at 11 am.

Ford says there should be outdoor activities, including graduations, for kids

Premier Doug Ford says schools will not be returning to in person learning until September.

Ford is speaking to the media now about the decision.

The premier reached out to experts in education and health whom he says couldn’t reassure him going back “wouldn’t lead to thousands and thousands of cases…they couldn’t tell us it wouldn’t risk spreading dangerous variants” adding he’s “not willing to risk it.”

Ford says he recognizes how difficult this will be to families and children but he wants to take the time to vaccinate students and teachers so there can be a normal return to school in September.

The premier added he wants schools to hold some kind of outdoor graduation celebrations for all grades this year.

The premier also said it is possible to start reopening the province before June 14 as originally planned.