Mandatory masks back for in-person school

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Back to school after Covid-19

Ontario released the long-awaited guidelines for a return to in-person learning Tuesday with a month to go before classes start.

Mandatory masking remains for all staff and all students Grade 1 to Grade 12 and will be enforced on the bus and in the classroom. People can remove masks while outside. Kindergarteners are encouraged to wear a mask.

Students and staff must also self-screen for COVID symptoms each day.

Elementary students will have all classes with their cohort but can mix for recess, assemblies and other situations. Their high school counterparts can take two classes per day. The Lambton Kent District School Board had previously announced they’d be operating under this schedule.

Common areas such as libraries and cafeterias will also be open with indoor gathering guidelines. Extracurriculars such as sports and music have been given the go-ahead.

The province also says they’ve improved ventilation in schools. Mechanical ventilation is preferred but if that method isn’t feasible HEPA filters are required.