Two new doctors headed to Central Lambton, practicing in Wyoming

Dr. Moon and Dr. Hajazi

Two new doctors are setting up shop in Petrolia and Wyoming.

. Paxton Moon and Dr. Ahmed Hijazi both attended Western University and trained at the Central Lambton Family Health Team and Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital in Petrolia.
And they’ve chosen to start their careers here.

“There is an ever-growing need for primary care practitioners in Central Lambton.
“We are excited and proud to welcome Dr. Hijazi and Dr. Moon to our rural community,” says Kelly Poore chair of the board.

“They are well versed with many aspects of rural health care and have already smoothly transitioned and are deeply involved in community and hospital-based care,” says Dr. Enoch Daniel, the lead physician at the family health network.

“The timing couldn’t be better as there is a need for additional primary care physicians in our rural community,” added Sarah Milner, executive director in a news release.
Thousands of patients were left without a family doctor with the death of Petrolia physician Frank Riedl earlier this year.

The pair will be accepting patients at the Central Lambton Family Health Team and will be working at the Wyoming Wellness Centre with office hours starting Sept. 7.