A warm welcome for new doctors questioned by Wyoming residents


The two new physicians setting up practice in Wyoming got a warm welcome at Plympton-Wyoming council.

A little too warm for some people.

The Independent received calls from taxpayers voicing concern about some comments made as Dr. Ahmed Hijazi and Dr. Paxton Moon came to council Aug. 11.

Two people online for the meeting said Councillor Netty McEwen commented that one of the doctors was “a lot better looking than your picture.”

That was followed with a comment from Mayor Lonny Napper about “cougars” being on the loose in Wyoming. According to one of the residents, the doctor seemed embarrassed by the comments.

The Independent was not online for the meeting. Plympton-Wyoming’s procedural bylaw, which governs meetings, does not allow the recording of meetings, according to CAO Carolyn Tripp, so the concerns could not be independently verified.

When contacted by the newspaper, McEwen felt the doctor “did not feel the least bit uncomfortable,” joking back that there was no need to flatter them because they’d already agreed to practice in Wyoming.

Mayor Napper didn’t recall the comments and said he would review them and apologize if necessary, not wanting anyone to be uncomfortable. He says if he did make a comment, it was in jest.

When asked if having a video archive of council meetings would be helpful in situations like this, McEwen said people would likely complain with or without video.