Drug impaired driver apologizes to cyclist he hit


Blake Ellis/Local Journalism Initiative

A man high on fentanyl while driving has apologized to the cyclist he hit.
Kyle Flynn plead guilty to impaired driving in Sarnia court March 9 after hitting a cyclist in May 2020 in Corunna.
Court heard the driver had a hard time focusing when being questioned by police. He fell asleep within three minutes of being put in a police cruiser. He had been using crystal meth the previous night and was smoking fentanyl that morning. A meth pipe and burnt tin foil was found in his car.
β€œI am deeply sorry for what happened,” said Flynn in court as he apologized to everyone involved.
 Flynn is now in treatment for his addictions.
β€œThankfully no one was injured to any great degree, but a cyclist was struck,” said Judge Deborah Austin. Flynn is to pay a $2,000 fine, is not permitted to drive for one year and will be on probation for six months and he has to continue his addiction treatment.

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