Former Petrolia councillor Maxine Fiddick passes away

In 2018, Petrolia Council recognized Maxine Fiddick's 50 years in business.

Former Petrolia councillor and the founder of Fiddick’s Nursing Home has passed away.

Aa private service has already been held for Maxine Fiddick.

In her obituary, family said Fiddick “was a force to be reckoned with, her greatest aspiration in life was that of caring for people. All People. Maxine’s compassion and empathy were her greatest attributes; mix that with a brilliant mind, incredible business savvy, ceaseless energy and an overwhelming desire to help community, that was Maxine Fiddick.”

Fiddick began providing care in 1968 working with her son, Mike, for the last 35 years at the Petrolia home.

“Maxine was not an easy boss, her standards were high and she demanded the very best from her team, especially from her son Mike, who worked hand in hand with Maxine for more then 35 years.”

Fiddick served as a town councillor as well as a board member of the District Health Council.

Petrolia Mayor Brad Loosley paid tribute to Fiddick on social media saying she was “a tireless worker for the community and most important – a friend.”