Ready for Primetime


Oil Springs man answers the call to defend Canada in an all out brawl

Blake Ellis/Local Journalism Initiative

“I plan to knock him out in the first round,” said Steve Young.

The Oil Springs man – who goes by the name of Primetime in the ring – will be part of a no-holes barred fight in West Virginia.

Young will be in be going toe to toe in the headliner in Barstool Sports’ Rough and Rowdy 18 set for Aug. 19 in Huntington.. The boxing match which pits the Canadian against a 500 pound American is being called “A 1,000 lbs. Canada vs. USA main event.”

Young – who works in the petrochemical industry in Lambton – has never done anything like this before.

But he decided to send in a video to Barstool Sports after a call went out online looking for a Canadian who was willing to fight who was at least 400 lbs. The original guy from Windsor bowed out, which led to the call for his replacement.

“It is just ridiculous,” said Young. He will be stepping into the ring against Coach Duggs. Duggs has been talking a lot of smack about Canada and Young is looking to shut him down hard.

Young was only informed that he will be competing three weeks ago, Since then, he has been hitting the heavy bag in his basement and running the trails at the gym in preparation.

He won’t be going to West Virginia alone. He is taking 35 of his buddies, including teammates from baseball, hockey and rugby.

His ring name, Primetime, comes from his time playing baseball. He started calling himself Primetime as a joke and the name stuck.

Young has been getting a lot of support locally with several sponsors. A local band, The Bad Men Association has written the song, Calling the Right, which will be his introduction song as he enters the ring.

Barstool Sports calls Rough and Rowdy 18 “a night of boxing with non-stop haymakers, absolutely zero defence and no headgear.” The full card will include 20 fights.

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