Atkinson pleased to lead “a talented” team in Plympton-Wyoming


Gary Atkinson says there is “a lot of talent” around the new council table in Plympton-Wyoming.

Atkinson beat Tim Wilkins by 200 votes, reaping 1458 votes to Wilkins’ 1215. Muriel Wright was a distant third with 378.

“Thank you to the residents for their support and confidence in me. I’m very pleased with the team which has been elected. There is a lot of talent around the table.”

Alex Boughen, Kristin Rodrigues, John van Klaveren, Mike Vasey and Bob Woolvet are the next councillors. Vasey garnered the most votes with 1828 ballots cast.

The mayor’s position became vacant when Mayor Lonny Napper announced his retirement after decades at the helm of Plympton-Wyoming.