Space heater causes Wyoming house fire


A kerosene space heater turned on in a garage sparked a blaze which caused extensive damage to a Wyoming home.

Around 1 pm Monday, Wyoming firefighters were called to London Road. The homeowners heard the smoke detectors, says Chief Scott Jordon, and went to investigate. Items around the space heater were in flames.

The husband moved the car out of the garage then went back to try to douse the flames himself. But the fire proved to be fast moving. “The smoke was too much for him,” says Scott.

Plumes of thick black and white smoke could be seen across the town. The entire garage went up in flames in just a few minutes, says Scott. The chief says it wasn’t clear whether the house could be saved.

There was heavy smoke throughout the one-story house and damage where firefighters got into the roof to attack the blaze.

“I don’t know if the house can be saved; the insurance and restoration companies will have to be the ones to declare that.”

Scott estimates about $500,000 damage was done.