No takers for $392K, 3,200 square foot lot in Wyoming

The 3,200 square foot, $392,239.25, lot for sale on Wyoming's main street.

It appears the Town of Wyoming is going to be stuck with a big tax and demolition bill on a Wyoming property.

The town had listed 627 Broadway for tax sale for over $392,000. The land on the south side of Broadway between A Village Fireplace and a former hair studio, was the subject of a lot of controversy in 2018.

At that time, the municipality had already been dealing with the out-of-town owner for several years, trying to get him to improve the building through the Property Standards Act. The municipality first planned to demolish the building.

The plan changed when officials worried demolition would damage A Village Fireplace’s showroom. In August 2018, the CAO, Carolyn Tripp said demolition wasn’t possible and the municipality began work to repair the building.

By November, after a substantial amount of repair work was complete, more issues were discovered in the room. Tripp then said the cost of fixing the building was “prohibitive.” Council agreed to demolish the building.

The lot has stood vacant since then with the municipal costs of more than $392,000 left for the owner of the building to pay. When he didn’t, the town placed the 3,200 square foot lot – assessed at $35,000 according to the tax sale ad – up for sale with another property. By law, the town has to set a minimum bid for the amount outstanding on the tax bill – $392,239.25.

Mayor Gary Atkinson said Wednesday – the day before the tender closed – there had been no bids for the property.

If no one submits a minimum bid for it Thursday, council will have to decide whether to try to sell it again at a lower minimum bid or simply keep the land, according to Deputy Treasurer Christine Joosten. Either way, the municipality will be on the hook for the costs of trying to rebuild and then demolishing the building.

In the meantime, the other building on the block under a tax sale – the former body shop at 599 Broadway – has already sold.

Atkinson says the owner of the building sold the property and the new owner paid the tax bill – removing it from the tax sale list.