Alvinston hockey club offers to manage arena advertising


Brooke-Alvinston staff is recommending the municipality turn down an offer by the Killer Bees hockey club to manage the advertising in the arena.

The team recently sent a proposal to the town offering to pay $10,000 per year for five years to exclusively manage the wall signs, ice surface and Olympia advertising. “Instead of the municipality’s staff contacting, collecting and promoting the company without the possibility of getting paid the Alvinston Killer Bees Hockey Club are proposing to look after all the advertising inside the arena,” the club wrote to council.

But municipal staff says right now, they’re collecting about $13,000 per year. Treasurer Stephen Ikert added; “We would also lose control of who advertises… and should the Killer Bees ever leave, we would be back to square one.”

Council will discuss the idea at a later date.

Editor’s note: the print version of this story saying council had already dealt with the issue was incorrect. We apologize for the error