Petrolia tries to recoup over $140k in taxes and cleanup fees from two lots

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The clean up on Discovery Line

Petrolia is trying to sell off two pieces of property on the north side of town in a tax sale.

The town is asking for tenders for a residential lot on 202 Eureka Street and 4179 Discovery Line – an industrial lot.

On Eureka Street, the municipality had the home removed under the Building Code last  year. Combining the cost of the house demolition and the unpaid taxes means anyone who wants the lot will have to pay at least $82,597.

The industrial lot, adjacent to the Eureka Street lot, underwent a multi day cleanup with a police presence several years ago. The minimum bid on that lot for taxes and cleanup is $63,497.

The town is accepting bids until July 22.

“If we bring in more than what is owing, it goes back to the owner,” says Mayor John McCharles. “In this case it is not going to happen.”

If no one offers the minimum bid, “the town becomes the owner and we’ll put it up for sale” in the hopes of recouping some of the $140,095 owed to the town.