Enniskillen cannabis greenhouse to close in August


Heather Wright/The Independent

High Park Farms in Enniskillen will harvest its last crop near Petrolia this summer, closing its operation here in September.

“The closure is anticipated to be completed by September 2021,” the company said in a news release.

Tilray recently completed a merger with Aphira on May 3. During the lead up to the merger, company officials had signaled Tilray and Aphira would be merging operations in the Windsor area.

The two cannabis companies announced the move in December saying they would merge under the Tilray name with Aphria CEO Irwin Simon at the helm and Tilray CEO Brendan Kennedy joining the board.

The newly formed company is expected to have revenue of $874 million and will control more than 17 per cent of the retail cannabis market — the largest share held by any Canadian licensed producer.

“As Aphria and Tilray merge operations, the company is making changes to optimize operational efficiencies.  Tilray will concentrate local cultivation and manufacturing in its Leamington and London facilities. 

“This move will strengthen the overall ability of Tilray to serve its customers as facilities in other locations, including Leamington, London and Nanaimo will continue business as usual.”

Lambton Warden, Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott, is disappointed by the closure. He admits there has been significant concerns from neighbours about the smell coming from the greenhouse on Lasalle Line, however the company employed up to 250 people including Enniskillen residents. Those jobs will be missed he says.

Marriott is also very optimist about the future of the site. He says there is a great need for greenhouse space for the vegetable industry and Marriott is hopeful the space will be put to good use.