Port Lambton students inspired by Seth to raise thousands


Students at Sacred Heart School had a very special reason to be involved in Jump Rope for Heart this year and it led them to raise and incredible amount of money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The students raised $9,200 this year, well above their goal.

They were thinking about student Seth Nottley as they raised the money. He’s in hospital in Toronto recovering from cardiac arrest, which occurred on the playground at school. School officials say he continues to make good progress after his most recent surgery.

Principal Courtney Mellow shared the news with the students when they took part in the event.

“It’s amazing of all the schools in the country, we landed top 10 in the country,” Mellow told the school during a virtual assembly..

“How super cool that we are top three in the province and top 10 in the country.”

Seth, who is still in treatment, was at the virtual assembly and says he misses his classmates.

When Mellow told the Nottley how much they had made, he smiled saying “thank you very much.”

“Your name was in our hearts because we know of all the good work the Heart and Stroke Foundation does…and helps people like your family with their needs while you heal your heart,” said the principal.

“We’re praying super hard for you to continue with all of your healing,” says Mellow.

“We cannot wait until you’re here with us”

“I can’t neither,” said Seth before signing off.