Warwick campground approved


Janet Watson and Robert Roy’s dream of running a private campground is coming true.

The couple came to Warwick from Windsor with plans to run the private campground which had been owned by Watson’s family since the 1970s and ran under the name Bear Lake Campground. But as they prepared to reopen the 12 trailer campsite, they ran into a roadblock – the property was zoned agricultural and environmental protection because of a wetland on the site.
When the couple went to council to change the zoning last summer, neighbours voiced concerns about the plan, many concerned the waste from trailers was not being property disposed. Some neighbours wanted fencing to protect their property from campers.

Others worried the couple would try to expand the site and that might lower property values in the village.

Planning officials and councillors said they didn’t yet have enough information about the property. Administrators said a detailed report will have to be done to demonstrate that there will be no negative impacts on the natural features or their ecological functions if the campground is approved.

Council put the application for rezoning on hold until that could be complete.
Warwick Township sent the couple back to the drawing table to work with Lambton County planners on the project.At the June 20 council meeting, council gave approval for the campground to move ahead, with planners saying the couple had met all the conditions.

Roy, in comments posted on social media, said “the overall concept of the small campground will ensure the environment is not impacted.
“This is a back to nature type of plan.

So we can share the natural beauty of the property with others”
Roy said there has been “significant cleanup and tree planting on the property” which they plan to continue in the future.

“We plan on retiring on this property and the campground helps with the costs to maintain the 42 acres to a standard the community can be proud of.