Parole hearing of Donald Campbell postponed to January

Fenny Campbell was murdered by her husband, Donald, at their Wyoming home in 1998. He was convicted of first degree murder. The Parole Board of Canada denied Donald Campbell's request for Unescorted Temporary Absences May 15.

The second parole board hearing for convicted murder Donald Campbell has been delayed.

Campbell was found guilty of first degree murder after killing his wife, Fenny, at their Wyoming home in 1998. Campbell applied for day parole earlier this year but was denied. He won the right to appeal the decision and was expecting a second hearing Dec. 21.

In a social media post, Joel Campbell, one of the victim’s three children, said “our family learned that the new parole hearing for Donald Campbell has been postponed until January 2023. No specific reason was given and no specific date has been provided yet.”

“At his first parole hearing this past spring, he showed absolutely no recognition of what he had done, no reaction to the many victims who shared powerful and heart-wrenchingly emotional victim impact statements, and no remorse whatsoever. And now he wants to be granted release into our communities, as an unapologetic, unchanged man,” said Joel Campbell in a social media post on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada, Dec. 5.

He added the family “will continue the fight for justice for our mother Fenny… It is our hope that justice will, yet again, prevail, and that Donald Campbell will remain in prison where he belongs.”

Joel Campbell also asked the community to “reach out to your local federal MPs, provincial MPPs, and municipal leaders to express your concern about this persistently remorseless offender’s potential release into the general public.”